Livescore API talks with Mário Vinagre from Portugal

Mário Vinagre

one of my favorite goals is that free kick by Roberto Carlos, with Brazil against France, in 1997

  • Portugal
  • Professional Musician
  • Benfica
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Tell us about yourself?
My name is Mário Vinagre, I am from Portugal and I am a professional musician.

What is your favourite football team?
My favorite football team is Benfica, from Portugal, and of course, Portuguese National Team. I support Benfica since I was born.

Why do you like football?
Since I remember, football was in my life. My father is a great football fan, also Benfica fan, I played football allways, with friends and in school, and I allways have watched football on tv. So depending on my free time, football is present thing.

What is the football status in your country?
In Portugal football is the leader sport, with mass attendance, and Portugal had and has some of the greatest players of the world (Eusébio, Figo, C. Ronaldo, etc.)

What is your first ever football memory?
Maybe some Benfica match on tv, or some amateur match in my village.

Do you play football yourself?
Yes, but only for fun and for sports, with friends.

What do you think about the people who call it soccer?
Well, that word is used in USA, but because they have a sport called football that is highly different, so they needed another name. Although I think the real sport name should be football, and if we go through the word, it explains the main part of the sport: playing a ball with your foot.

What do you think is the best football game ever played?
I can’t precisely remember, but there was some Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Barcelona won, that was very well played, with good tactics, attractive game, some goals and a lot of emotion. There were some English League games also, there the games use to be with a lot of dynamics.

What do you think is the best goal ever scored?
I think one of my favorite goals is that free kick by Roberto Carlos, with Brazil against France, in 1997.

How important are livescores for you?
I don’t uso so much sites with livescores, but when I need to know something about football, I use them.

Would you spend more time in websites that have livescores instead of only news?
Maybe I would spend the same time, but if a news site had livescores, it would be also good.