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Livescore API services provided for the world cup will be the same as our regular season subscription fees. There will be no need for additional purchases.

Match Events

How to Set Up

It takes 3 simple steps to make world cup magic appear on your website, app, webpage or whatever you are developing.

Login into your account

Login into your account. Don't have any? You can always register. Registrations are for free. If you have forgotten your password you can always restore it.

Generate Keys

In order to consume our World Cup 2018 API services you will need to generate API key and API secret keys. This happens with a single click of a button from your profile page.


Consume responsibly our world cup livescore apis. Go through the documentation below on this page or on our API reference page and get the data you need.

Available APIs

These are the 4 major API that you will be able to consume once you sign up for our livescore API serives


Livescore apis will provide you with the most up to date information about the current scores in the world cup football matches. You can get the livescores for all games currently played or for specific group individually.


What games comes next? On which date? On what time? Where? Using the fixtures api endpoints you will be able to answer those questions to your uses. Again you can filter the fixtures by group (A to H) tournament stage: round of 16, Quarter finals, semi finales, third place match, and of course the final.


The standings API serice will pilot specially for the world cup. Using it you will be able to get the information about the classification during the group stage of the tournament. More information to follow before the beginning of the world cup.

Match Events

The match events API provides you with quick access to in play events such as: goals scored, minute of scoring, goal scorer, yellow cards, and red cards.

Group Stage Data

Here you can find the list of the 8 groups from the world cup group stage and the data that we are providing for them.

Group A

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=793

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=793

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=793

Group B

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=794

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=794

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=794

Group C

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=795

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=795

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=795

Group D

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=796

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=796

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=796

Group E

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=797

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=797

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=797

Group F

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=798

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=798

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=798

Group G

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=799

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=799

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=799

Group H

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=800

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=800

Standings /api-client/leagues/table.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=800

Knockout Stage Data

Here you can find the list of the 8 groups from the world cup group stage and the data that we are providing for them.

Round of 16

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=801

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=801

Quarter Finals

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=802

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=802

Semi Finals

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=803

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=803

3rd place playoff

Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=804

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=804


Fixtures: /api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=805

Results: /api-client/scores/live.json?key=demo_key&secret=demo_secret&league=805


If you have more questions let us know at

600 requests per hour is not enough?

If 600 requests per hour are not enough for your needs, there are two new packages coming up for the world cup. The first one will have a limit of 3600 requests per hours and the second one will have the same limit, but it will also support push callbacks so you will not have to make any pull requests any longer.

Past matches data?

Historic API is going to be developed specially for the world cup as well. It will allow you to dig back into history and display historical football for past games.


Standings API is going to be developed specially for the world cup as well. It will allow you to load and display the information about the current group standings.

List of teams?

Right now we do not provide list of teams as they are limited to only 32 teams that will never change in contrast with national leagues teams which change every year. This feature will be developed for the new autumn season.

Scores update speed?

We receive livescore and data updates from multiple providers and the data could take between a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes before it gets to us and consequently to you.

Is there test data?

There is no test data set. You can test the APIs with the current data of currently played games as the livescores and fixtures for the world cup will support the same format and endpoints.

Do we support video and audio data?

We do not support video and audio data.

Wolrd Cup Timeline

Here is what is going to happen in Russia this year.

14 June 2018

Opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia

15 June 2018

Group stage continues

28 June 2018

Last day of group stage

30 June 2018

Round of 16 begins

3 July 2018

Round of 16 ends

6 July 2018

First day of quarter finals

7 July 2018

Second day of quarter finals

10 July 2018

First semi finals

11 July 2018

Second semi finals

14 July 2018

3rd place match

15 July 2018