The top 10 free kick snipers.

Being a good footballer is about both hard work and talent. A lot of skills are required to be part of the best ones, and some of those skills are in the details. Like the ability of scoring free-kicks! That one is one of the main talents a good football player should have to stand ...

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3 Football gifts that nobody wants to receive

Christmas is approaching soon! And what is harder than finding the perfect gifts for your friends, family or significant other? We cannot promise you that you will find the perfect gift thanks to us, but if your target is a football fan we have a list with some “no no gifts” that we are sure ...

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For all the Star Wars lovers out there, do you know the home planet of Luke and his father Anakin Skywalker? Of course, you do, it’s Tatooine, a planet in a galaxy far, far away. But what if we tell you that maybe Tatooine is not that far? In fact, the planet takes the name ...

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