Livescore API coverage for: Italy

For Italy we provide livescore coverage for 26 leagues. They are:
  1. Serie A - The Serie A is the highest division in Italian football. The competitions consist of 20 teams. Serie A is considered one of the best soccer leagues in the world. The winner of this league is allowed to play with a ‘scudetto’ (little shield) on their shirts the next season. Livescore api covers all 380 matches from Serie A.
  2. Serie C:: group B -
  3. Serie B - Serie B is the second-highest football division in Italy. There are 22 teams competing. Every year, 3 teams are promoted to Serie A. These teams are the top 2, and there is another small competition between the numbers 3 to 6. The season consists of 462 soccer games for which our livescore api feed provides coverage.
  4. Serie C:: group A -
  5. Serie C:: group C -
  6. Coppa Italia Serie C - Lega Pro is the third-highest football division in Italy. The third and fourth division (Lega Pro Prima Division and Lega Pro Segunda Division) fused in 2014 to the Lega Pro as it is now. There are three poules, with a total of 20 teams.
  7. Coppa Italia - The Coppa Italia, otherwise known as TIM Cup, is a tournament with a knock-out method. There is a total of eight rounds in the competition.
  8. Super Cup -
  9. Lega Pro:: promotion: group B -
  10. Lega Pro:: Super Cup -
  11. Lega Pro:: promotion: group A -
  12. Lega Pro:: promotion: group C -
  13. Lega Pro:: promotion -
  14. Lega Pro:: relegation: group C -
  15. Lega Pro:: relegation: group B -
  16. Lega Pro:: relegation: group A -
  17. Serie B:: promotion -
  18. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group A -
  19. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group D -
  20. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group C -
  21. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group B -
  22. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group E -
  23. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group L -
  24. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group H -
  25. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group G -
  26. Coppa Italia Serie C:: group F -