Livescore API coverage for: England

For England we provide livescore coverage for 35 leagues. They are:
  1. Premier League - 20 football clubs from Britain participate in the English Premier League. It is the top league in England. A typical soccer season will be from the month of August to the month of May on the next year. There are 38 rounds in the round robin format of Premiership which means that our livescore api coverage will be for 380 matches in total. In the end of the season the bottom finished clubs will be relegated to Championship.
  2. Championship - Championship is the second highest football league in Britain, on top of which is the Premiership. The top finished football clubs in the league will get a place in Premiership the next season. To do that each soccer club must compete with 23 other teams in a round robin format. The season here is also from August to May the next year. Each club will play 46 games throughout the season, both visiting and hosting each competitor. This results in 552 soccer matches that our Livescore Api will provide with data for.
  3. EFL Cup - The EFL Cup is also know as the League Cup. It is a direct elimination tournament help between 92 football teams in Britain from the top four leagues and the three lower divisions. Unlike other competitions in Britain the League Cup ends in February. The teams play one match every round. The only exception are the two semi-finals and the final which is also played on a neutral stadium. In the season 2016/2017 97 football games will be covered by out livescore feed service.
  4. League 1 -
  5. National League North -
  6. League 2 -
  7. National League -
  8. National League South -
  9. FA Cup -
  10. EFL Trophy:: South: group F -
  11. EFL Trophy:: North: group A -
  12. EFL Trophy:: North: group D -
  13. EFL Trophy:: North: group B -
  14. EFL Trophy:: South: group C -
  15. EFL Trophy:: South: group H -
  16. EFL Trophy:: North: group C -
  17. EFL Trophy:: North: group E -
  18. EFL Trophy:: North: group G -
  19. EFL Trophy:: North: group H -
  20. EFL Trophy:: South: group A -
  21. EFL Trophy:: South: group B -
  22. EFL Trophy:: South: group D -
  23. EFL Trophy:: South: group E -
  24. EFL Trophy:: South: group G -
  25. EFL Trophy:: North: group F -
  26. EFL Trophy:: play-off -
  27. National League:: play-off -
  28. National League North:: play-off -
  29. National League South:: play-off -
  30. League 1:: play-off -
  31. Championship:: play-off -
  32. League 2:: play-off -
  33. FA Cup:: qualification -
  34. Community Shield -
  35. Southern Premier Division -