Livescore API coverage for: Brazil

For Brazil we provide livescore coverage for 8 leagues. They are:

  • Serie A - The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is the highest football division in Brazil. Currently, there are 20 teams competing in Serie A. The lowest 4 are delegated to Serie B, and replaced by the top 4 from that division.
  • Serie B - The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B is the second-highest football division in Brazil. It is contested by 20 teams in a double round-robin format. The competition changed its format almost every year since 1971, but has been steady since 2006.
  • Cup -
  • Paulista A1 -
  • Paulista A1:: play-off -
  • Paulista A1:: Trophy Interior -
  • Paulista A1:: Trophy Interior: play-off -
  • Serie C:: final -